May 9- August 26


  1. Tartu College (TC) will begin to accept summer resident applications on April 1.
  2. The last night for summer residents at TC will be AUGUST 25. Summer residents must move out by 10 a.m on August 26.
  3. If you are staying less than one (1) month, full payment for your stay must be made to secure your reservation prior to your arrival.
  4. If you are staying MORE THAN one (1) MONTH, a deposit of one month's rent will be required to reserve your room. This deposit will be applied against your last month's rent.
    1. When you move into Tartu College, you must pay the first month's rent, via one of the Payment Options. Please note that the deposit paid with your application is for your last month's rent.
  5. Student travelers (with valid student ID) are eligable for a student monthly rate.
  6. ALL ROOM INFORMATION WILL BE AVAILABLE UPON ARRIVAL. TC will try to accommodate requests for room location, suitemates, etc., however, TC cannot guarantee that all requests can be met.
  7. By submitting your application to TC, you confirm that you have read and agree with TC Summer Information and Rules and Regulations. If you break any of TC Occupancy Rules and Regulations you may be subject to a nominal fine. However, if your unwelcome behavior continues, you may be evicted from TC.
  8. A $100 administration fee will apply to all summer room cancellations within the last week of scheduled arrival date. If notice of a cancellation is given with more than 7 days of the scheduled arrival date, a $20 fee will apply to all summer room cancellations.
  9. After the resident has received the keys for a short term stay (less than 3 weeks), there is a cancellation fee of $200, plus the cost of the time lived in Tartu College. 

Start your Summer 2019 application HERE (available on April 1st)